Ana Climate

Access to affordable and reliable green energy and raw materials is a prerequisite for economies to function and prosper fairly and sustainably.


Biodiversity degradation caused by climate change is disproportionately affecting poorer and more vulnerable countries like Guatemala and entrepreneurs like coffee farmer Ana.

"By Taking Small Steps, We Can
Achieve Great Things Together."


How the EU and Ana are working towards sustainable coffee farming

Guatemala has already made great strides towards a greener future, updating its legal framework and setting up a national fund for climate change mitigation programmes.

The EU is working with Guatemala – and with networks of rural communities and small entrepreneurs like Ana – to provide long-term support for environmental and biodiversity protection and for sustainable, inclusive economic development.

Global Gateway hero Anna and the coffee beans
Global Gateway hero Anna at the coffee farm
Global Gateway hero Anna making coffee
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Global Gateway hero Anna at the coffee farm 3
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Guatemala is quickly adjusting to sustainable agricultural processes. Even a monoculture like coffee can be turned into a successful and diverse farming system, and fincas like Ana’s are making coffee farming greener, actively benefiting the environment while creating sustainable employment and revenue in the local community.